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Rental Equipment

At B&B Oilfield Equipment we offer a huge selection of rental equipment. Some of our rental equipment includes blow out preventers (BOP's), accumulators, spools, adapters and more.

Blowout Preventer Rentals

We specialize in testing, servicing and renting blowout preventers. BOP rentals range from 21 1/14” 2,000 psi thru 7 1/16” 15,000 psi. All blow out preventers have H2S trim and are API certified.  We carry a variety of brands of double ram BOP's, single ram BOP's, and Annular BOP's.


Sizes range from 20 Gallons thru 120 gallons. We have both gasoline and diesel engines. Remote panels are available upon request.

Spools and Adapters

(Single or Double Studded) We have over 500 DSA’s and Spools in stock! Sizes range from: 1 13/16" thru 20 3/4" with pressure ratings from 2000 psi up to 15000 psi.

Downhole Mud Motors

A variety of sizes are available from 2 7/8" - 3 1/2".  


Goat Heads and Frac Stacks

We have 7 1/16” 10,000 psi and 15,000 psi with 5 4 1/16”10,000 psi inlets.

Tri-plex Mud Pumps

We offer two styles- Gardner Denver and Ellis Williams.

Power Swivels

We have an 85 ton 2.5 Bowen, a 90 ton 2.5 Venture Tech, and a 120 ton 3.5 Bowen available.


Our separators are 3 phased and 2 phased with 1440 working pressure.

Choke Manifolds

We offer 2 1/16” 5,000 psi thru 4 1/16” 10,000 psi with adjustable skids. 10,000 psi manifolds are equipped with SWACO Super Chokes and Panels.

blow out preventer rental
Blowout Preventer Rentals



Power Swivel

Mud Pump Tank


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